United Nations on Thursday has underlined that so far 385000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have gone back safe and sound to their homes urging the need that before that start of Monsoon Season it must be ensured that all the families are sent back.

These views were expressed by UN Human Relief Coordinator in Pakistan Wolfgang Herbinger in a Press Conference on Thursday.

He was of the view that during the military operation most of the crops have been destroyed while thousands of animals killed in the operation.

He was of the view that hundreds of affectees have started returning to their homes in Pakistan's scenic valley of Swat with deeply ambivalent emotions, following a two month-long army offensive against the Taliban which displaced millions.

The men, women and children were happy to leave behind the sufferings they faced at the temporary refugee camps for weeks, but they were not sure whether the situation at home has really improved and whether they could rebuild their shattered lives again.

Hundreds of houses, government buildings and bridges are destroyed. The government is still struggling to restore water, electricity and gas supply in many areas. Health services are almost collapsed.

He said that billion of dollars would be needed for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the first year alone.

He pointed that Rehabilitation and reconstruction would take years, but the first major concern for the people in Swat and nearby areas is security.

He said that till the end of July, the total number of loses and needs could be estimated.

Replying to a question, he said that he appeals to the International Community to come forward as out of 543 million only 343 percent funds have been provided to them.

He further added that it is need of hour to construct schools and vocational training institutes in the war-torn areas.


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